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We have been tracking the new gTLD Program since early 2013 and have collated extensive datasets relating to the release and on-going development of all new gTLDs including:

  • All TLD phases from Registry Agreement to Root Zone Delegation, Sunrise, Early Access, General Availability and Renewal.
  • All Latin script TLDs from .aaa to .bike, .nyc, .website to .zuerich (Zurich) 
  • All Internationalized TLDs (IDN’s) from 在线 (online), संगठन (organization) , セール (sale), 닷컴 (dot com) to vermögensberater (financial advisor)

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[ Below is the TLD ScoreCards article that appeared in Issue 3 of the State-of-the-Domains Report by the DNA. The framework and ideas behind it are not set in stone, this is still very much work-in-progress. Comments or suggestions welcome..]

In the previous issue of the State-of-the-Domains Report, introduced an outline model for measuring the “success” of a domain name registry. The framework described a series of key metrics per domain name registry that covered differing elements of performance such as: average registration term, number of countries with a registration, and renewal rate. With domain name registries targeting differing markets and business models, a need for additional differentiation was needed, namely the idea of registry categories or Cohorts. Grouping registry operators into Cohorts allows like-for-like comparisons of key metrics across related or similarly situated registries, thereby providing a means to measure the relative “success” of a TLD (for one particular metric) in relation to its peers. More importantly, the measures set a baseline for the entire Cohort set so that industry growth and success can be measured.

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This is the second in our series of Zone Reports where we look at trends and/or anomalies and dig a little further into the numbers we see from day to day. In this post we examine the recent drops observed from the .XYZ zone file and speculate on what this might mean for the TLD later into the year. 

First some facts. It’s been just over two weeks since .XYZ reached its one year anniversary of General Availability on the 2nd of June. Technically we’ve not passed the 45 day renew period for the early registrations in 2014, however already we are seeing a steady shrinkage of the zone file. .XYZ peaked at 942,947 domains according to the zone file count for the 4th June: 

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This is the first in a series of reports on notable zonefile movements and anomalies we see when preparing our numbers each day.

As explained in an earlier post we collect data for each TLD via the zonefiles every morning usually around 8:00AM UTC. This data forms the basis for many of the graphs and analysis on A zonefile for a TLD is never static and changes daily reflecting events such as new registration surges, changes to nameservers and domains removed (dropped) from the zone. For an active new TLD these changes can amount to thousands of domain additions and subtractions per day.

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